Growing up in West Michigan, Michigan’s Adventure was the trip we couldn’t wait to take every Summer. You could feel the anticipation the minute you hit the parking lot and saw Shivering Timbers mock your arrival.

The thrill of the roller coasters, the excitement of the water park, nothing beats Michigan’s Adventure.

So let’s take a look at the top 10 roller coasters and rides.

Strap on your seat belt, because we are going to have some fun.

#7 Mad Mouse

mad mouse roller coaster

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Searching for a bolt of energy and a herky jery ride. Then the Mad Mouse will not disappoint you. This shorter and more bumpier ride will accommodate most  family members.

The Mad Mouse coaster at Michigan’s Adventure may look like a mild-mannered kiddie coaster from the ground, but it’s quite different when you’re on it. This coaster is known for its wild twists and turns that will surprise riders of all ages.

Imagine a regular roller coaster, but instead of being smoothly banked, the turns are sharp and sudden. That’s what a “wild mouse” coaster is like – and Mad Mouse is one of the wildest out there!

This wild ride is full of tight turns that will leave you feeling like you’re flying. With plenty of twists and turns, this roller coaster is sure to get your heart racing.

You must be: 48″ minimum, or 44″ tall and accompanied by someone .

#6 Wolverine Wildcat

wolverine wildcat roller coaster

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An oldie but a goodie. This one serves up palpitating joy as you careen around tight corners and clatter around the track. Known for it’s noise and speed, the Wolverine WIldcat will delight friends and families and deliver thrills like never before.

Laying claim as the one that started it all, this wooden roller coaster at Michigan’s Adventure, Wolverine Wildcat is a thrill ride that guests love. The coaster with a twisting, snake layout was designed by well-known roller coaster designer.

From the moment you enter the dark tunnel, you know your Wolverine Wildcat experience will be one to remember. The long ascent to the top feels like it takes forever, but it’s worth it for the amazing views. This is an experience that families from all over the world enjoy.

This roller coaster is not for the faint of heart. With its 85-foot drop and hairpin turns, it will leave you screaming for more. Reaching speeds of up to 55 miles per hour, this coaster is sure to give you an unforgettable ride.

Must be 48″ to take on the Wolverine.

#5 Woodstock Express

woodstock express mini coaster

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The one roller coaster everyone can ride and enjoy together. This isn’t a rip roaring rolling coaster, but does deliver enough excitement and preparation for the kids as they ascend to the bigger coasters.

Woodstock is the perfect friend for Snoopy – always ready to join in on his adventures. However, Woodstock isn’t the best flyer, which can sometimes cause problems.

Woodstock Express is a wild and crazy roller coaster ride that will take you on an adventure up, down, and all around. You’ll feel like you’re flying just like Woodstock does when he’s up in the air!

Even though this coaster is small, it offers exciting thrills for the whole family to enjoy. Climb aboard and hold on tight – one trip on this classic ride will turn all kids into roller coaster enthusiasts for life!

Must be 42″ to ride and even three footers can ride with someone older.

#4 Zac’s Zoomers

Zach's Zoomers Roller Coaster

You and your family will strap on the seatbelt and get a thrilling jolt when riding Zach’s Zoomers.

Small thrills are not just for big grown-ups! Smaller coaster enthusiasts will love Zach’s Zoomer, a great first experience on a classic wooden roller coaster. Although it may seem small, this ride is sure to pack a punch!

This much-anticipated ride will take your breath away with its series of thrilling dips, drops and turns. Even seasoned coaster riders will be exhilarated by this world-class ride.

Zach’s Zoomer is a thrilling ride for kids and their families that will create lasting memories.

Must be 46″ minimum, or 40″ and accompanied by someone older to ride.

#3 Corkscrew

Corkscrew Roller Coaster

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An oldie but a goodie. The Corkscrew haunt visitors with upside down twists and turns. The Corkscrew seems to have been around for generations, but still delivers all the thrills you would expect.

This wild roller coaster is the first one built at Michigan’s Adventure, and it’s still impressing riders from all over the world with its corkscrew twists and turns. As you pull away from the station, the speed builds and the intensity ratchets up, making for a truly exhilarating ride.

You’re blasted off into the air at high speed, flipping and spinning through the air like a corkscrew. You reach speeds of up to 45 miles per hour, making your head spin.

After what feels like an eternity of screaming, the pace finally slows and you find yourself back at the beginning. But as any experienced rider knows, once you’ve ridden Corkscrew, you’re never truly feel like yourself again.

Must be 48″ to get your adrenaline rush on.

#2 Shivering Timbers

shivering timbers

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When your ready for a stomach dropping. noisy good time. Then Shivering Timbers delivers. You’ll get to go up and down with speed and intensity that will thrill even the most seasoned rider.

Shivering Timbers, at a half-mile out and a half-mile back, is a solid mile of adrenaline, excitement and fun! The most famous coaster at Michigan’s Adventure, this classic wooden thrill ride holds the champions belt as the longest and fastest in the state.

You strap yourself in and prepare for take-off. 125 feet above the ground, you feel your stomach drop as you plunge 122 feet at a 55-degree angle.

Experience a whole new level of thrill at night with Shivering Timbers. With speeds of up to 65 miles per hour and a range of twists, turns and lifts, this roller coaster is sure to get your adrenaline pumping.

Must be 48″ to enjoy the stomach drops.

#1 Thunder Hawk

Thunder Hawk Roller Coaster

Coming in at number one is Thunder Hawk. The thrilling coaster that feels like you just took off soaring into the air. The white knuckle excitement will leave your hair standing straight up and giggling to race back in line. This is the one coaster you should brave any length of line to ride. Don’t miss it when you visit Michigans’ Adventure.

After you choose your seat and strap in, the floor will drop and you’ll be left dangling in the air! Thunderhawk is the initial suspended turning coaster in the state, and it comes pretty close to giving you the feeling of flying!

As you begin your ascent to 120 feet, you can see the sights of Adventure Falls, and WildWater Adventure below. Just then, you free fall a mind-blowing 86 feet and the feeling hits you — the freedom of flying!

After that is a insane set of keg rolls, inverted wing flips and a stomach-dropping roll over — all while reaching speeds of up to 50 miles per hour. No wonder the Thunderhawk is one of the most revered rides!

And there you have it, The top 7 roller coasters at Michigan’s Adventure.

When you’re looking for thrills and excitement and something to do on a warm sunny day or even a cloudy day. You can’t go wrong with Michigan’s summer time destination.

Come join the fun and bring the entire family. Tickers are well priced and the fun you and your family have will be cherished memories forever.

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